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Drainage Pump Repair for NYC

Drainage Pump Description

A drainage pump prevents floods from occurring in buildings that have basements that are below the water table level.  In order for a drainage pump to work properly it must be installed at the lowest part of the basement.

At any time the pump senses water, it’ll instantly switch on and begins pumping out the collected water at the bottom of the pump. Then the water is discharged through the pipe that has been installed to get rid of accumulated water. Drainage systems also incorporate a non-return valve to make sure that there’s absolutely no backflow.

4 important benefits of installing a drainage pump are:

     1)  Keeps basement from flooding.

     2)  Equipment in the basement doesn’t get water damaged.

     3)  Mold doesn’t develop because of damp basements.

     4)  Keeps your basement dry.

If your drainage pump isn’t working or makes a funny sound, we can have one of our expert technicians come out and evaluate the problem.

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By the way, if you have a sewage pit you may be interested in our comprehensive pit cleaning and preventative maintenance programs.

NYC Drainage Pump Repair Services

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