Commercial Circulator Pump Repair

What is a Circulator Pump?

A circulator pump is used to move hot water or heat throughout a building.

When used for hot water it circulates water through the building so that the water in the pipes doesn’t get cold. This means that when a sink or shower in one unit is turned on, hot water is ready immediately for use.

Without a circulator pump all the cold water between the boiler and water fixture would need to be passed out before new hot water would be available.

Depending on the size of the building this could take quite a while making these pumps essential in a large multi-family building.

Hot Water circulator pumps are typically bronze to make them safe for potable water. Heating circulator pumps do not need to be bronze but work in the same way as hot water circulator pumps. Continually moving hot water to make the heating system more efficient.

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We will diagnose your system and provide you with an economical solution.

Many of our customers prefer to sign up for our preventative maintenance program to help extend the life of their pumps.

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