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Preventative Maintenance Pump Service for NYC

Preventative maintenance is an often over looked but vital necessity to keeping your pump systems running properly and efficiently.

We perform a 12 point inspection to ensure your equipment is working correctly.

NYC Pump Repair Services Pro Pump Corp Factory Certified SealOur 12 point inspection includes the following:

  1. The condition of bearings on the pump.*
  2. Also the condition of bearings on the motor.*
  3. Amperage drawn from the motor.
  4. Floats condition and operation.
  5. The pump wire condition.
  6. Pumps discharge line condition.
  7. Pump shut-off valve condition.
  8. The discharge lines check valves condition.
  9. Discharge line connection to sewer line condition.
  10. Control panel and/or controls condition.
  11. Power disconnect for system condition.
  12. Integrity of pit wall and cover plate.

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* Applies to vertical ejector pumps.

Here is a Sample PDF of our Detailed Report:

Preventative Maintenance Assessment

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