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  • Same day pump repair options available.
  • Temporary pump repair solutions to get you back into operation immediately.
  • GPS dispatched trucks lets you know when our technicians will arrive at your facility.

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Chiller Pump Repair for NYC

Our chiller pump repair services are second to none. We also replace, maintain, install and service these pumps.

Chiller Pump Description

A chiller pump is used to cool the entire system by cooling liquids to a desired temperature.

Chiller pumps have diverse applications in many different industries since they have the ability to meet various demands.

Large volumes of water are transferred by chiller pumps to a smaller one through a rotating shaft. This process continues to cool the liquids.

Maintaining a chiller pump system is best done by experts.

Our preventative maintenance program was created to help keep your pumps and motors working to factory specifications.

Pro Pump Corp. is your one stop expert solution.

If your chiller pump system needs attention call us, and one of our specialist will come out to examine your pump system.

Depending on our conclusions we will advise you as to the best action to take.

Rest assured that our technicians vehicles have all of the equipment necessary to get you back up and running quickly and efficiently.

Call us for a no obligation evaluation of your chiller pumps.

You can reach us at (718) 249-2325 or for more information about our pump repair services click here.

NYC Chiller Pump Repair Services

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