Commercial Booster Pump Repair

What is a Booster Pump?

A Booster pump is used to increase water pressure.

Therefore, this allows water to reach higher floors in your facility, where it would be unable to reach otherwise.

Since water has to fight against gravity to reach upper floors a booster pump becomes a necessity. Especially in most buildings in NYC, which are taller than 4 stories.

Furthermore, what you should keep in mind is that this is totally dependent on the incoming pressure from the city water supply.

Additionally, certain areas have higher water pressure than others. In such cases the upper floors can be reached without the need for a booster pump system.

Also, many buildings are now required by law to install a backflow preventer or “RPZ” (reduced pressure zone). 

NYC Booster Pump Repair
As a result, this has caused many issues. When this device is installed it reduces incoming pressure to the building.

Consequently, in many cases, the upper floors experience problems with pressure that never existed before.

Therefore a booster pump system will restore the lost pressure.

Additionally, some buildings receive domestic water from a roof tank.

Hence, these buildings use the force of gravity to generate pressure. As a result, when the water leaves the tank it gains more pressure as it falls.

Furthermore, in these setups the floors closest to the tank will sometimes have low water pressure. The reason being is that sufficient pressure hasn’t been generated. Since the water hasn’t fallen enough to create higher pressure that’s necessary.

Consequently, in these buildings a small booster pump system can alleviate the problem. It can be installed to service only the top floors that are affected.

Pro Pump Corp is your one stop solution for maintaining your booster pump system.

Whether your application is big or small our expert technicians will provide the right size system for you.

Furthermore, we install an iBoost booster pump system with state of the art industry leading technology. They can be customized for any building size and can include 1 – 3 pumps.

In addition these booster pump systems use variable frequency drive (VFD) technology. As a result the pressure in your building will be regulated to your desired specifications. This way you are always maintaining your desired water pressure. Additionally, they also include a PLC (pro logic control) that allows it to run state of the art software. Therefore, this software allows the system to alternate pumps and also balance usage between multiple pumps. Consequently, saving you money on your energy costs.

Best of all they can be customized with remote notification and monitoring, eliminating the need for costly building management systems (BMS).

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