Booster Pump Systems

Eliminate Water Pressure Problems

Booster pump systems will solve New York City’s water pressure problems. Many buildings owners and managers have a difficult time providing steady water pressure. Especially to their tenants on the upper floors.

Many booster systems have variable frequency drives and a control panel. They’re designed to provide adequate water pressure 24 hours a day. These systems will respond automatically, on demand, to your tenants need for water, during the day or night.

There is a major problem with NYC water pressure. In many cases it comes in to the building at only 30 psi (pounds per square inch). It’s actually even lower in some cases.  There are other areas around the city that are fortunate to have a higher PSI. We have found this to be the exception rather than the rule.

Triplex Booster Pump System

A Booster Pump System Makes The Difference!

Water Booster Pump System for Apartment Buildings

Here’s an example: Take your typical seven story building. Its plumbing system will lose all of the water pressure on the top two floors and most of it on the fourth and fifth floors. This example is assuming 30 psi from the main water supply.

Let’s put this into perspective. Here are a few Kohler products psi requirements:

  • Faucets – ASME codes require supply fittings to function at a minimum of 20 psi to 125 psi maximum (this includes metering and self-closing faucets).
  • Toilet Fill Valves – Kohler tests fill valves from 20 psi minimum to 80 psi maximum.
  • Gravity Toilet Tanks – ASME/CSA codes require a minimum of 20 psi to a maximum of 80 psi static.

As you can see, this poses a major problem for the building in our diagram above. Only 30 psi is coming in from the street. Therefore, the first floor is the only floor that would have adequate water pressure. The other 6 floors don’t meet the minimum psi requirements to use these products.

Now you see why a booster pump is required in order to provide at least the minimum psi to your tenants.

An Ideal Situation for a Booster Pump System!

Here is another scenario that many property managers face. When a building is on a hill it typically is located at a higher elevation from the city’s main water supply line. This building will have much lower water pressure.

The further the distance that water has to travel (from the main water supply to your building), the more pressure will be needed to provide your building with the right amount of pressure per square inch to keep everyone happy.


Building on a Hill with Water Pressure Problems

Roof Tanks Benefit From Booster Pumps!

Roof Tank System

Here in NYC, many buildings have been using a roof water tank to solve the water pressure problem. A booster pump is used to push the water up into the tank. Then the power of gravity is used to provide adequate water pressure for their tenants. As the water falls the pressure increases due to earths gravitational pull.

What we find with these tanks is that the top floors usually don’t have adequate water pressure. This is because the water hasn’t picked up enough speed to increase the pressure for the top floors. In these situations the addition of a booster pump for the upper floors will increase the water pressure to your tenants satisfaction.

In conclusion, if your building suffers from low water pressure, give us a call at (212) 981-1150.  We will give you an estimate on what it would cost to add a booster pump or booster system to your building.

We will come out and review your current set up and figure out exactly what is required to achieve your buildings’ required water pressure.

Best of all we will show you how a booster pump system with a variable frequency drive (VFD) can pay for itself in energy savings and tenant satisfaction.

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