Commercial Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Description

A heat pump transfers energy from one location to another by use of either mechanics or electricity. It can move heat in to a building to heat it up or move heat out of a building to cool it down.

There are three common types of heat pumps on the market, they are as follows:

1)  Geothermal heat pumps are the first type. They heat and cool buildings by making use of the temperature of our planet.

2)  Air source heat pumps are the second type. These are the most popular type and they exchange heat between a building and the air outside.

3)  Absorption heat pumps are the third type. These are driven by a heat source like natural gas or solar heated water.

When it comes to maintaining heat pump systems, Pro Pump Corp. is your one stop solution.

If your heat pump system is not acting right call us, and one of our expert pump technicians will come out to inspect your system.

Based on our findings (after thoroughly inspecting your system) we will recommend the proper course of action.

Many times your pumps just need to be serviced. But if your pumps are not maintained on a regular basis, they may need to be repaired or replaced.

Either way our expert technicians always travel with the right equipment to get you back up and running until we can implement the right solution for your situation.

Many of our customers sign up for our preventative maintenance program because they don’t like surprises.

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