Commercial Condensate Pump Repair

Condensate Pump Description

A condensate pump is used to return collected water back to a boiler system. When steam is used to heat a building or create domestic hot water, as it cools it returns to liquid form or condenses creating what many people simply call condensate water.

This water can be disposed of if necessary but in many cases it’s much more economical to reuse the water. Because the water is still hot and close to boiling point it can be heated back to steam with much less energy than if new cold water was introduced into a boiler.

In order to collect and return this water a condensate system consisting of a collection tank and condensate pumps are used. The tank typically has a float which activates the pumps to run when the tank fills to a certain level. The pumps return the water to the boiler and then deactivate waiting for the tank to fill again.

During the cold winter months these systems are relied upon heavily to keep heating systems running efficiently.

It is important to keep these condensate pumps running correctly throughout the heating season to save on heating costs.

The best way to ensure that your pumps are running properly is through preventative maintenance.

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